Monday, October 6, 2014

Lunar Eclipse! October 8, 2014

October 8, 2014
Full Moon in Aries ^
Lunar Eclipse
Moon of Falling Leaves (Cherokee)
Harvest Moon
A full Moon is a created by the Earth being between the Moon & Sun.
A lunar eclipse is created when the Earth is exactly in front of the Moon thus creating a shadow (umbra) as the Sun shines behind Earth.
Aries is the first house in astrology.
The beneficial aspects of Aries are:  Action, Adventure, Ambition, Courage, Creation, Fearless, Independence, Leadership, Pioneering, & Will Power!
Unfavorable aspects of Aries can be: Bullying, Egotism, Selfishness, Tyranny.
Energetically as the Earth is between the Moon & Sun there will be an opening created.  The Moon will be pulling you into your emotions.  The Sun will be pulling you into your deepest desires. It will be up to you to walk through this opening & this full Moon is here to help you do that.  The shadow (umbra) is an aspect of you as well.  Look within yourself & find your personal shadow.  Once found you can create an energetic shift with the assistance of Mars, the Moon, the Sun & You!
Aries is ruled by the planet Mars.  Mars is a masculine energy that readies you for action.  You know what you want & this full Moon is going to help you attain it! 
These are some food that will support you with vitality & empowerment:  Beets, Radish, Peppers!  Eat macrobiotically organic foods! Feast from the harvests of the summer gardens. 
If you want to stay stuck in old behaviors choose these foods:  White, GMO, Sugar, Gluten products, Alcohol.
A great flower essence to use at this time is Walnut.
Light a Red Candle .  Watch the flame & listen to your heart speak.
The essential oil of Peppermint will assist you to lift you up to your deepest dreams.
A Red Carnation will dress your desk & remind you of your power.
Walk through the opening on this full Moon…
You deserve everything the universe has to offer!
Injoy!  Celebrate!  Breathe!  Be Kind! Love!

~Doc Val

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