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Prosperity Know More

Prosperity Know More
Play this game for Prosperity!
Do you want to create a fun & hearty relationship with $ Money?
Join our You Know More blog & create Health in your Wealth in 8 easy steps!

Here is some history on Wealth & Prosperity.  According to the Online Etymology Dictionary the word Wealth has its origin from the mid 1300s.  Wealth means happiness & also prosperity in abundance of possessions or riches.  The Middle English root word is wele; a sense of well-being. Furthermore weal is found as an analogy of health.  Now you know more! Wealth = Health!  Health=Wealth!

Keep in mind that the number of dollars does not give health. It is the relationship, the consciousness about $ money that creates health.
I offer you this opportunity to explore your views about Wealth & Health.
Explore your belief systems by stretching your mind’s ability to think about money in a way you perhaps have never done before.

You will be utilizing  a few principles of Feng Shui; a Chinese philosophy of understanding the flow of energy to create harmony between you & your environment. To keep it simple we will use 2 tools of Feng Shui to support your journey:  color & element.
The color PURPLE is considered to be the power color
to attract & increase prosperity.
The element of water reminds us that money flows in & money flows out.

Here are the 8 steps for creating Health for your Wealth
(please notice I am using purple font)
1. Awareness
2. Breathe
3. Connect….. Hear your Heart
4. Document
5. Embrace all possibilities.. Think outside the box
6. Faith… Have Faith
7. Gratitude
8. Hold & experience

Here are the simple steps!
Every day you will be writing a check.  The check will be written by whomever you choose & hosted by a bank of your choosing.  You can create the check on your computer or draw with pen & paper.  Be creative in creating your checks.  It can be fun!
Here is a sample.

The Universe                                                                                                         0001
22 Fortune Lane                                                          Date_____________________
Infinity, Eternity 88888

Pay to the
Order of_________________________________________________________$_____________

     Universal Abundance Reserve
      888 Anywhere  
     4-you, kNOW   88888                                 
Memo_________________________                   ______________________________________
:888888888:   :88888888:

Every day you will be spending $1000.  You MUST SPEND ALL the $ money everyday. Saving accounts don’t count!  Each day you will increase the amount of $ money by $1000.
Day 1 you will spend $1000.
Day 2 you will spend $2000.
Day 3 you will spend $3000.
Continue every day by increasing each day $1000.
Day 8 you will be spending $8000.
Sample of first check 2010!
Here is a sample of my first check for 2017!

The Universe                                                                                                           0001
22 Fortune Lane                                                          Date__2/8/2017__
Infinity, Eternity 88888

Pay to the
Order of____Valerie Lane Simonsen ND   ____________________$_1000.00___

_One thousand dollars & 00/100____________________________________Dollars
     Universal Abundance Reserve
      888 Anywhere  
     4-you, kNOW   88888                                 
Memo___Love & support_____                 _The Universe__________________
:888888888:   :88888888:

You will continue this process for as many days as you like.  
I found through the years of playing this game, the first few thousands of dollars “fed my needs”.  Days into the practice I had to dig deeply into my Heart & listen to my Heart speak of needs, desires & ideas.  
Stay with this process for as many days as you feel is helpful.

Here is some “food for thought” for helping you decide how long you will play with this process.
Your red blood cells (RBC) live approximately 120 days.  These cells bring oxygen to your body with inhalation & exchange oxygen (O2)) for carbon dioxide (CO2) at a cell level which we exhale on every breath.
Note to self: Step #2: BREATHE!

With my clinical experience as a physician, I have found  it takes approximately 6 weeks to change behaviors &  cleanse & heal the physical body.  So if you were to do this process of Prosperity Know More for 6 weeks you will have reset your mind & body to be in alignment with your soul’s desires which is your birth given right to have Abundance/$ Money/ Prosperity!.

So if you decide to play for 6 weeks that would be 42 days.
On day 8 you will have spent $36,000! On day 42 you will be investing $42,000 as well as you will have spent $504,000!  
When was the last time you did that?

If you were to play this game for 120 days (RBC life span) you will have invested $1,440,000! To some you may already do this.  To others this could be the opportunity of a lifetime to change the consciousness of Lack to Prosperity!

Red blood cells are produced in the bone marrow.  In Chinese Medicine the Bone is related to the organ of Kidneys.  The Emotion associated with the Kidney is fear. The element of Kidney’s is water (flow or not to flow).  Fear will create a dam & stop the flow.

 How many of us can relate to fear when it comes to money?  My story of money fears came from an early age.  I was in charge of family finances at the age of 9.  Decades of  “robbing Peter to pay Paul” left an imprint upon my soul that “there isn’t enough money available to me”.   Hence I have dealt with reprogramming my belief systems for years.  That is one reason I want to offer this to you today!  Let’s heal the world’s prosperity as we heal ourselves!
8 Steps tips for Prosperity Know More

1. Awareness
Take a quick inventory of your life.  Ask yourself: “Is this how I want my life to be or is there more I would like?”
2. Breathe
Take a deep breathe with your belly.  As you inhale your belly will rise.  As you exhale your belly will drop to your spine.  Take at least 8 breaths.  Inhale/Exhale. Inhale/Exhale. Inhale/Exhale. Inhale/Exhale. Inhale/Exhale. Inhale/Exhale. Inhale/Exhale. Inhale/Exhale.
3. Connect….. Hear your Heart
As you take these breaths you will hear a voice that may sound  familiar.  Your Heart.  As a child we listened to our hearts & “knew” we could do anything.  Then socialization glazed this knowingness with doubt, feelings of unworthiness & other falsehoods that tainted our purity.  Reclaim your purity & treat yourself as the Queen or King that you are!
4. Document
As you Hear your Heart take notes.   
Make a list of what you want to buy with it’s price.  You may need to research some of the investments to decide what you really want & need.
Here is my example:  I had $23,000 to spend.  
Waterfall & plant $10,000
Round trip airline ticket around the world $3500
Solar system  $5000
Whole house water purifier $3000
Edible landscaping $1500
  Total: $23,000
Sample:  IMG_1230.JPG
5. Embrace all possibilities.. Think outside the box
Think about things you wanted as a child.  Before you were socialized and convinced you couldn’t do something because of views of others.  
6. Faith… Have Faith & trust the process.  
7. Gratitude
Write a note of Gratitude for the purchases you have made.  Here is an example of one of my investments.  
I had $23,000 to spend.  
I spent $10,000 for a waterfall and plants for a home I purchased earlier in the week.  $3500 for a round trip ticket around the world.  $5000 for solar system for new home.  $3000 for whole house water purifier.  $1500 for edible landscaping for new home.
Gratitude note:  I am grateful to have invested in plants, rocks, art, solar, water purifier & edible landscaping for our CDA cottage! These additions to the cottage will support my needs for plants for food & medicine. Also reduces my carbon footprint on the planet.  I am grateful.  The pure water will give me safe water to drink & bathe in.  I will be able to share this water with others that need clean water.  I am grateful to able to share all that may need food or water.  I am thankful for the round the world ticket on United airlines that will allow for me to serve the peoples in other countries.  Giving them safe sustainable medicine.

8. Hold & experience
Experience in your body what is like to gently Hold the sensations in your body as you invest in the purchases. Employ your 5 senses (Touch, Smell, Taste, Hear & Sight).
What does it Feel like?  
What does it  Smell like?  
What does it Taste like?
What does it Sound like?
What does it Look like?

For example:
Waterfall & plants Feel like a warm fuzzy cozy blanket.  
Waterfall & plants Smell like a mountain lake surrounded by wild flowers.
Waterfall & plants Taste like pure clean water.
Waterfall & plants Sound like a flock of birds singing in the tree.
Waterfall & plants Look like a clear mountain stream with a waterfall cascading down the mountain side.  Surrounded by wild flowers.   

The round trip ticket around the world Feels like a safe cozy easy chair.    Smells like a fresh apricot right off the tree.  
Tastes like a huge organic vegetable salad with almond dressing.  Sounds like the wind whispering through the aspen trees.  Looks like  eagle flying in the sky.

This process of utilizing all the senses will heighten your awareness of your desires.  You may also recognize a “theme” to your choices with your senses.  Take these themes and implement them in your living spaces today.  In the above example I embrace nature.  In my daily self care nature is essential.  Today I spent 2 hours in the hot springs soaking, meditating, listening to the birds & contemplating this blog.

Once you have completed your process save your information and reflect on it over time.  Notice how many things you have manifested.  Keep your “finger on your pulse” of your Heart’s desires & thrive being who you are!

I love this journey of self-discovery & hope you injoy the journey as well.
I invite you to share your experience on the facebook page or on the blog.
It is fun to hear what others are dreaming about as well as get ideas of what you may like to invest in.
Have fun!!!!

Maluhia (Peace)  Dr Valerie
               You Know More!

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